About Us


Mike's the lead vocalist with Missing Cat - suave and sophisticated despite the rest of us. We keep throwing different styles of music at him, yet he takes it all in his stride - Rock, Northern Soul, Reggae, Disco, etc.
His shirts are just as varied....


Been bashing things since he was 14 "The great Keith Moon got me into Drumming" And so privileged to still be playing with such a talented bunch of musicians And Andy!


Andy looks after the keyboards and backing vocals for us and also anything that requires the strength of ten to carry. He's worked with a variety of top musicians including Joe Strummer from The Clash and Mandie from Roadhouse (and Pete!).


The most recent addition, Ian McK has been playing and depping in bands in and around Hertfordshire for the last ten years. Despite being deaf in one ear and almost blind; Ian, having also been a firefighter, managed to persuade Pete to let him join Missing Cat in January 2016. By day, Ian can be seen hanging around at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in Kilburn, London.


Steve gained his RockSchool Grade 8 with Merit in 2007; is a registered guitar tutor (with a 100% pass rate!) and student of of world renowned US Jazz/Fusion virtuoso Derryl Gabel. He is also the lead guitarist for Hertfordshire hard rocker Tommy Justice, the drummer for Essex function band Radio Video and can occasionally be seen playing guitar with Forever Jackson, recently voted the UK’s No.1 tribute show to Michael Jackson. He has also worked with 'The Wolves of Avalon' (including former members of Hawkwind) and with The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
In short, he knows how to rock the place.


Ian's first gig with Missing Cat was as a stand-in at a garden party. Despite only having 15 minutes to learn an hour's worth of music, he still managed to find time to visit the BBQ.

He once played in a band with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple (along with over 2000 other people).